For Contractors

Listing your business with us is easy and free. If you would like to opt in for free listing, just send us information about your company and services and we will list your business shortly.

Yes, we offer featured listing services, which allow you to present comprehensive and media-rich information about your business, services, portfolio and team as well as benefit from discounts from our bespoke offerings. The featured listings currently cost £15,99 a month or £149 if you pay annually.

We are building the largest contractors database in Jersey and monitoring the space. As soon as we see new contractors, which are legal entities (and not natural persons due to privacy regulations) we include them in the listing. If you would like to request a correction, go premium or delist your business, please get in touch with us at

Currently we can support you with the following bespoke services: 

– Web design, domain names and hosting

– Banner Advertising and social media support

– Financial calculations, budgeting, forecasting, modelling and business plan support

For users

We are building the largest contractors platform in Jersey. You can browse contractors per categories to choose one or more for your project, read articles authored by us and the contractors about various building and home improvement topics.  

The website information has been compiled based on publicly available information about the contractors, including their websites, social media pages, outdoor advertising. Whilst we have made every reasonable effort to make sure the information is accurate, we recommend you to due your own due diligence before engaging any contractor for your job.

Currently our website does not require registration to browse and access contractors information. 

Whilst we may advertise the services for contractors, which is the nature of our business, we do not endorse any of the contractor specifically. 

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